Haven (Single)

by Maris Lane



First track and single off of our new EP "The Sound of an Empty Heart" coming out February 10th.


I believe it is human nature to destroy and rebuild, but when we become self destructive that is our souls telling us we must change who we are to be where we belong. The world I built around you has completely crumbled, and now I have nowhere else to go. Holding onto anything in reach. If only you could see the pain that's buried beneath. A constant struggle to find solace in where I am, but where does happiness begin? Where does it begin? Countless hours spent staring at the walls I built around me. Countless days and years I have been staring at nothing. Starving for the end. I won't let anyone in. This is my Hell. Living is my only fear and I know that I will let go. You were my haven. You were my home.


released 20 January 2015



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